Add Perp V2 Liquidity

Supply Liquidity and earn fees from Trading.

1. Connect your wallet

In order to provide Perpetual V1 liquidity, head to: and connect your wallet.

Make sure you are on the 'Perpetual V2 Liquidity' Tab.

2. Deposit or Withdraw Liquidity

To start depositing or withdrawing liquidity, click on the button 'Deposit' or 'Withdraw'.

All the information you need to know about the KAVA and USDt pools are visible on the right hand side of the Perpetual V2 Liquidity Dashboard, including:

  • Total Pool Amounts

  • Your Wallet holdings

  • Your Total unrealized Profit/Loss

The user has two options:

  1. Deposit/Withdraw Liquidity into/from the KAVA Pool.

  2. Deposit/Withdraw Liquidity into/from the USDt Pool.

In order to start depositing liquidity into one of the pools, simply choose the token you want to provide/withdraw liquidity to/from, and enter the amount:

Lastly, confirm the transaction by clicking 'Approve'.

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