Perps V2

Kinetix has recently added a new version of Perpetuals trading, Perps V2, to its DeFi Hub product suite.

The new version comes with an even more seamless user experience, and is equipped with multiple new trading features. On the new version, users can enjoy:

  • Opening positions that are guaranteed to settle on the most efficient chain, due to our Perp DEX Aggregation Model.

  • An Open Interest ratio of more than 1000x.

  • Trading with up to 100x leverage.

  • Trading several new asset classes due to the provided options to trade with Crypto, Forex, as well as Commodities.

  • A set of new Pro Trading features that minimize risk, such as Trailing Stop, Protect Order, and more!

Curious to try out the new version but not sure how to use it?

Use the following guide to help you get started:

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